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FOREST ᛟ green organic linen kimono

FOREST ᛟ green organic linen kimono

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This listing is about a beautiful forest green knee length kimono with long sleeves, handmade of high-quality organic linen fabric produced locally. Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant, it is natural, hypoallergenic and soft for the skin, lets it breath and looks magically pure. It's a healthy and conscious choice for your body.

The name of this robe is FOREST, inspired by the mystical Nordic nature. This robe is good for lounging at home, before going to sleep or after shower, it can also be worn outside in the garden. Whatever you can think of... because it's made of organic linen and your skin will be thankful to wear the set anytime, any occasion.

What can be better than the combination of sexy and healthy? Treat your body... or your friend or significant one because it also can be a perfect gift, covered in a silk paper and elegantly packed in a box. Just let me know if you would like to include a personalized card if you need one. ᛟ

Crafted with love from 100% organic linen, sourced locally and certified with OEKO-TEX®. It may shrink slightly after washing and take on a different shape. To ensure a perfect fit, we recommend washing the nightwear with hands or in the washing machine using the gentle mode and not more than 30 degrees Celsius before wearing for the first time and further on. Please be aware that colors of the garments may vary from photos to real life due to natural fabric characteristics and display settings.


We understand that finding the right size for your linen underwear and nightwear is essential for your comfort and confidence. Please refer to the size chart below to match your measurements to our sizing options. Keep in mind that our linen creations have unique qualities, and we encourage you to consider your personal preferences when selecting your size. All measurements in our size chart are provided in centimeters (CM).

XXS/32 (EU) - UK 4, USA 0, CAN 2, AUS 4
XS/34 (EU) - UK 6, USA 2, CAN 4, AUS 6
S/36 (EU) - UK 8, USA 4, CAN 6, AUS 8
M/38 (EU) - UK 10, USA 6, CAN 8, AUS 10
L/40 (EU) - UK 12, USA 8, CAN 10, AUS 12
XL/42 (EU) - UK 14, USA 10, CAN 12, AUS 14
XXL/44 (EU) - UK 16, USA 12, CAN 14, AUS 16
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